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Tribal Skirts

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Whatever your style, Oriental, Tribal, Fusion, Gypsy or Bollywood we have something for you!
  • Dance Shoes to Designer Belly Dance Costumes
  • Galabeyas to Gypsy Skirts
  • Harem Pants to Hip Belts
  • Shamadans to Swords

And a lot more!

Bellydance Boutique support the Egyptian economy by going to Cairo in person to source products from our main suppliers. We also stock many items from cottage industries both here in the UK and from Afghanistan. We believe there is no substitute for authentic and quality goods that will make you shine both in class and on stage.

Worldwide Shipping, to over 30 countries so far, and our packaging where possible is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable.

Krystina, Bellydance Boutique’s proprietor, is a fully qualified Belly Dance teacher, award winning choreographer and professional performer herself with many years of experience. She knows what works for a dancer and can advise you on costumes that will show off your best asset – yourself.

A Treasure Trove

Such a treasure trove of colour and style. Lovely easy website to use. Thanks Krystina for all your hard work sourcing these wonderful things and making them accessible to the rest of us!

Karen Strates

Tribal ladies
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