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The Costumes Have Landed!

We’re busy photographing all the new Belly Dance Costumes that flew in from Cairo only a few days ago and we’ll have them up on the website ASAP!

Be the first to see them all.

But in the meantime if you simply can’t wait, you can always book an appointment to come to the fully stocked London Showroom. Bring a friend, take your time and no obligation to buy.

Not in easy reach or you’re tied up with work, then take a look at our Online Shop for all the new costumes, bra and belts, galabeyas and much more plus don’t forget our Sale page!


The Powerhouse Weekend @ The Dance Attic

Book now below for our Powerhouse Weekend with Workshops by Lorna of Cairo & Lebanese Simon! Learn more…

Bellydance Boutique Belly Dance Costume London Showroom

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Fantastic selection of quality costumes

Not only do Bellydance Boutique have a fantastic selection of quality costumes, but they also post full & accurate measurements and clear photos on their website which is very important if you’re ordering a costume without the chance to try it on! The customer service is always excellent, and they ship quickly if you order online. This is one of the shops I always recommend to my dance students when they want to buy costumes, props or music.
Rachael Borek

Love the personal touch – Great service

Love the personal touch of being able to call the store owner with questions and speak to a human. A vanishing art. Quick to return calls with an empathic manner and happy to help by sending dance props out quickly (within 30min of order!) as I need them for a show. Great service. Thank you. Xx

Jennifer Street

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Belly Dance Training Courses

If you’re thinking of teaching bellydance, take a look at JWAADs teacher training courses.