Sat 16th June Workshop 3


Oriental Stylization – technique and combination

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Workshop 3 with Lebanese Simon 4pm – 6pm
Oriental Stylization and Creative approach to choreography – technique and combination.

We will start with a timeless movement “the arabesque” – that movement prevailed with the evolution of art and among the dancers of the golden era (Tahia Karioka, Samia Gamal, and Nadia Gamal to name a few) to today’s biggest names of oriental dance. A minimum of 16 stylistic arabesque movements are explained with emphasis on correct execution and historical reference, leading into the most modern technique and execution. Simon will explain his process for creating and stylizing your own series of arabesques appropriately selected for each genre of music (classical oriental, shaabi, baladi, modern). A short tarab choreo to follow on George was sour song to fulfill any oriental appetite